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The primary goals of the preschool program are to:

  • Provide meaningful play and learning experiences that promote young children’s growth in all the areas of development.
  • Support the growth and development of families in the role as their child’s primary teacher.
  • Morgan Maxwell Preschool Program serves three, four and five-year-old children and their families. 
  • The class size is limited to 16 students; each class has one teacher and at least one teaching assistant. 
  • Our preschool program strives for excellence as a supporting component of our mission to provide high quality early childhood education.


Our program is funded through Title 1, Exceptional Education, and Quality First Scholarship monies.  The federal government requires us to work under specific guidelines. One of the most important requirements is that each child must participate in a screening process either through the Title 1 or Exceptional Education departments.

Screening is ongoing throughout the year using a parent questionnaire for Title 1 students. The questionnaire was developed based on the Arizona Early Learning Standards and GOLD assessment standards. Students with the greatest need who are fully potty trained are placed first. Children enrolled through Title 1 are required to be independently and fully potty trained per funding requirements. Students receiving special education services are placed by our Child Find office.

You will be notified by the Preschool Department if your child has been selected to participate at our preschool program. Prior to starting, families will attend an orientation program with the teacher. During this time, we will give families an overview of procedures with the family preschool handbook.

Our Pre-School Staff

Inclusive Pre-School Description

Preschool Philosophy

We believe every child:

     Is a unique, complex learner.

     Is a social being who learns through the development of relationships with peers and adults.

     Is entitled to learning environments that support optimal development of the whole child.

     Is entitled to opportunities to learn through active exploration.

     Learns through child initiated, child directed, teacher supported play.

Preschool children participate in daily activities that include stories, math, writing, science, social studies, art, literacy, music, and movement, singing, block building and dramatic play. The indoor and outdoor experiences will promote children’s growth in all developmental areas. Staff uses the Arizona Early Learning Standards in planning learning activities. Our program participates with Quality First/First Things First Program and is also regulated by the Arizona Department of Health Services and has a license to operate.

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